Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Ray of Light...

  “Dwight (Uncle White-in our house), was (and still is),

someone who could bring a sense of contentment...
when we didn't feel we had it, or perhaps didn't feel we
deserved it.
He had the ability to put a light in
our souls - perhaps in places that we are so bruised....
that we didn't think there could be any light.”

This above quote is from Jen, a member of Dwight’s family. When I read it, I thought that she beautifully put into words what so many of us feel about our children and family members with T21.

I write often about Paige having a visible soul – one that I can see when I look at her, so strongly that it was the first thing I noticed when she was born.

We talk about purpose driven lives, and I have always believed that Paige’s purpose is very clear, and very distinct. She will, and has, touched so many people’s lives, and has quite literally, saved a few along the way.

For me, just as Jen has said, she brings an incredible sense of contentment. When life is feeling chaotic, and crazy, and out of control, her arms around my neck, my face in her hands as she looks at me and talks with me make everything better. I truly adore this child – in such a way that my heart fills every single time I see her.

And when my soul is bruised, and my heart is hurting, just being near her makes it so much better. Just sitting with her, beside her, and feeling the strength of character and power of her soul heals me.

She is unencumbered with so many of the fluffy details of life, and that makes her so much more aware of the important details.

She makes those around her think about their world differently. Just this morning, as I was helping her get ready for school, she stopped to snuggle with Kirby, when all of the rest of us were hustling and telling him to lay down.

Every day when she gets off the bus, she refuses to go into the house until she has watched her bus go down the street, turn around and pass by our house again.

I wonder if these qualities are distinctly related to Trisomy 21, as I get that same feeling from Paige’s pals Emma and Livee when I’m around them…a warm, happy feeling that makes me feel like I have arrived…home, safe and sound, and surrounded in love in a way I never knew existed.


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