Friday, September 05, 2008

Its Getting Interesting!

When I was in my 20's, I participated in a series of political forums with the company I worked for in New Hampshire. Our company hosted many presidential hopefuls in the 1988 open election, and I was able to meet virtually every candidate that was running that year.

Having security clearance, and being among the organizers of the event, I also had the privilege of the "after parties" if you will - where the candidates sort of let their hair down, hosted a more private party, etc.

Needless to say, I became a bit of a political junkie - young, and full of great hope for what the future would bring, I was fascinated by the candidates, aware that much of their success had to do with charisma, and very ready to argue with anyone who disagreed with my political viewpoints.

I remember that my father was completely opposite in what I believed in at the time - he a conservative who believed in patriotism and fighting for freedom of your country, me, a know-it-all liberal who thought sprinkling the world with daisies and peace signs would solve everything.

The real truth is, the real solution is probably somewhere in the middle, and as I've gotten older, I realize that.

I'm following this campaign with great interest. Its very different following American politics while living in Canada- as I truly have an "American" viewpoint of politics and my friends and family here do not. Its funny that the two countries can be so similiar, yet so different in how they approach issues.

I can barely stand to watch the conventions in the same room as Wayne; he drives me crazy with comments and how he sees things so black and white. He thinks everyone is showboating, and doesn't believe any of it.

I still hold that hope for our (my) country and our world - that there is greatness in our future, that there are people of altruistic nature who can lead our country. just figure out who that might be!

Always a democrat in my younger years, swayed toward the republican party at some point, and now - standing in the middle without a solid decision made. I am watching and waiting, and trying to decide with as many real facts as I can gather.

But, I have to tell you, there is one ambassador that has caught my eye, and would capture my vote and my heart in an instant - one who will probably make a better impression and better difference for this world than any of the real candidates combined will ever do.

And...he's got really nice hair :)

You are absolutely adorable, Trig Palin - and so is big sister Piper.


Tara Marie said...

Betsy, I have been thinking of my friends North of the Boarder and wondering what they are thinking.

I'm like the middle, no party affiliation, more conservative than liberal [would have voted for Ron!!!] and my issues are a lot different than what seems to be the major issues in the forefront and in the news.

One thing that scares me, and the future of not only our country, but the world, is what is happening in Europe with Georgia [and if you don't know, it was Bill Clinton that created this mess....and I know he had noble intentions, but it could have global impact]....but I'm going to just sit back. I don't usually voice my thoughts on any political issue [I'm a better thinking than speaker and my intent/ideas always get lost between my brain and my toungue]

I think that Sir Trig would make the greatest politician!!!!

Nicole said...

I think that Piper is pretty darn adorable too! :)