Friday, March 21, 2008

Cast Free!

Paige had her cast removed last Thursday after nearly 6 months in it. It was so neat seeing her finally free of it. She has lost a lot of muscle tone and a good bit of weight - her little waist is so tiny - at nearly 11, I would have no trouble fitting a size 4 pants around her.

The first couple of days were rough - she was uncomfortable, and did not want anyone trying to get her to move - she wanted to do it by herself. She was moving very, very slowly and it took her 3 or 4 days before she could push herself to a sitting position.

The surgeon is project 6 to 12 months before fully mobility returns. But we are seeing changes every day. She is getting stronger and tolerating a little bit more every single day. With some support, she can take 3 or 4 tiny steps. It still seems to be very sore, as she is favoring her left side a great deal.

I'm so happy to have this behind us, and pray that it will "stick", as only time will really tell us.

I called my sister on the way home, and told her, "I am so very lucky - most moms only get to see their child's first steps once - I get to see them twice!"