Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is my first ever created meme - and I am tagging all my wonderful friends in the T21 community. Read my story below about Jake, and then blog your first experience with someone with Down syndrome.

Come back and leave a comment, and I'll add a link for you to this post.

Thanks for playing :)



Miss Magic said...


This story is amazing and publishable as is! How many times I'd love to lock the world out, and giggle as they try to get in. Stubborn, no. In control, yes. Thanks for sharing Jake with us. How wonderful that he touched your life and prepared your heart for Paige.

Chris said...

I blogged it. It was a bit draining to recall, but it was actually a post that I had wanted to do for awhile. I feel like I need to confront my fears about Ds so I can move forward and fully enjoy the wonder that is my son. Thanks again for sharing your story.

Monica said...

Here is our story. Thanks for starting this. I can't wait to read people's stories...

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Betsy, what a great idea and thanks for sharing your story. I am glad I ran across this on your blog. I blogged mine:

Now, I am off to read everyone else's.