Monday, May 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

My dear friend Nicole has tagged me!

I am supposed to tell you seven things you might not know about me.

So here goes:

1) My maiden name was "Bean." People who have met me since I have been married find that very funny for some reason. But "Betsy Bean" is kind of a cool kid name, and now I have a real grownup name. And, growing up in New England, it was always easy to buy clothes with my name on them, as Mr. "L.L. Bean" is sort of known around those parts...

2) I'm not quite there yet, but I suspect I will be quite the "granola grandma" when I get older...perhaps I'll let my hair go gray and braid it in a big braid down my back, and wear jumpers and birkinstocks or crocs, and be quite happy growing old the way God intended me to, thank you very much.

3) I am so happy that it overtakes me. I am more peaceful at this point in my life than I have ever been before. I look forward to every single day, and want to just randomly hug people in the grocery store, and tell them how very lucky they are to have a life to live...

4) I am crazy in love with my dog. I've had other dogs before that I've loved just fine, but Kirby is MY dog - I love everything he does, and I spoil him rotten (although he is very well behaved). I love it when he sits at my feet and puts his chin on the top of my foot. He is the BEST dog ever.

5) I sleep with a white noise machine - it has improved my sleep a lot. I am a horrible insomniac, but listening to the rain forest, or the beach, or a thunderstorm seems to help a lot.

6) I have a very big, very purple bruise on my upper right arm. Its the size of a baseball - and, you guessed it - came from a baseball!

7) I hate horror movies. It disturbs me that people's mind can create some of the junk that is out there - its very creepy to me that people can think that way.

I don't know who's been tagged and who hasn't, so I tag...Julie, Camille, Annette, Monica and Shelley.


jennifergg said...

I love these things. I love Betsy Bean! And too, like you, I think I'm gonna be a granola grannie. And I love the happiness, people seem much more used to sadness and depression. I love happiness! Like you, sometimes it just overtakes me...thank you for the post!

mum2brady said...

Betsy Bean - how cute is that :) And - I love that you love your pooch - he sounds like the sweetest doggie ever :) Fun meme :)

Tara Marie said...

Oh is so funny, but you an I share some of the same things. I too and so full of Joy....and everyday I am giddy to actaully have another day.

I have that gray hair and braid going already......I'm 43.....I very rarely wear make-up, but my skin is very smooth and not wrinkly at all [except for smile and laugh lines....and I think those look grand!]

and I love LL Bean clothes and now when I wear them I'll think of your, Betsy Bean!!!!

I love dogs....and I'm so happy Mr. Kirby has turned into 'your' dog....what a special bond.

I miss you and have been thinking about you....and glad to read this meme about you!

Laura (& Ryan) said...

Well, well, well, now that I CAN leave comments, this Betsy BEAN info gives me lots of good ammo! :)

Annette said...

Betsy Bean - yup, I think that's cute too!! And I will never be able to shop and look at LL Bean clothes without thinking of you! How I wish I could meet you in person and see the long grey braid,,, and feel the happiness you radiate on your blog - I know it would be so much more powerful in person. Thanks for the tag too! I'll start working on that now (and finish in a week :) )

Nicole said...

I knew I could make you post. :) Love you! OH....I think you deserve to sleep IN the rainforest, the real thing. Let's take a vacation!