Saturday, November 04, 2006


Well -- we promised "in sickness and in health" and God has decided to put us to the challenge.

I've been battling some pretty funky gynecological problems in the last few months, and have spent as much time in my OB/GYN's office than I did when I was pregnant for Paige. I have felt very "unwell" for months now -- freezing cold all the time, getting waves of exhaustion that I cannot even describe, horrible menstrual irregularities, etc.

Hopefully what I'm dealing with is PCOS and a rather large fibroid tumour that is causing lots of very unpleasant side effects. I expect biopsy results back in the next few days.

Paige had ear tube removal two weeks ago, and caught a nasty sinus infection afterward. She still has this icky rash on her face that I cannot conquer. And Thursday, she came home with pink eye, that she lovingly passed on to me.

Our 2nd car died a final death this week, and although it served us well, its another thing we have to think about this weekend.

And, after so much teasing and begging, and threatening, and cajoling, Wayne finally went and had some much needed bloodwork done this week.

He has had high blood pressure since he was 30 - and has a very strong history of diabetes in his family.

He also hates needles, and has a horribly irrational fear of having blood drawn. Year after year, he has put it off, after lectures from his doctor and me.

Well, I've seen him really change over the last 6-9 months especially, and I wasn't having anymore denial.

Without going into the drama of having this test done, including two trips to the hospital, me basically calling in the Army to hold him down, etc., he relented yesterday morning, and had a two hour glucose test done.

As I arrived in the door from work, the phone was ringing. Normal fasting blood glucose is between 2 and 4 - Wayne's was 29. We were told anything over 14 is cause for concern for a diabetic coma.

So...we begin.

He's pretty ticked off at me right now -- of course, if I hadn't pushed it, he could still be ignoring this. It will take him a few days to realize we probably just saved his life.

He has to test 3 times a day now, for the rest of his life. Medications have been added and changed, and our pharmacy bill last night was nearly $500. He is having none of it -- won't read about diabetes, isn't wanting to learn about what he will do to keep healthy, wouldn't go to the crash course on using the meter, etc.

But, he will learn. He has to. He has no choice now. He does not have the choice to let himself die - its not fair to me, to his children, his parents.

  His "if I ignore it, it will go away" policy has also been instituted on me over the last months, and my feelings are terribly hurt that he acts so apathetic to the reality that I have some challenges as well.

I pray that he gets on top of this. And I also pray that when the shock is less, that he will understand my passion for forcing him to do this bloodwork this week was done out of love for him.

I pray that he decides to find strength in me when he needs it, and that he offers it back to me when I do.


Mauzy said...

Oh Betsy, I am so so sorry about your health and just pray the results aren't too tragic. But for dh, I just want to do a double slap! You have so much on your plate, and to have to coddle him just irates me. I know, its denial, but that it of itself a call for attention once a loved one asks you to get help. Your family needs him, and you!

hugs my friend and I will be checking in on you!

Annette said...

oh Betsy... I am so sorry about all you're going through right now. I pray that your health issues turn out to be very minor and I also pray that wayne realizes VERY soon how important this is and that denial is NOT an option! (((HUGS)) to you.. and like Mauzy, I'll be checking in soon!

Nicole said...

Praying honey! Let us know what is going on as things progress. Love you!

Mauzy said...

Bets, how about an update? Worrying here...