Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tag! I'm It!

I've been tagged by Camille!

Here are the answers to the questions as Paige would answer them:

Three things that scare me: Little yappy dogs (love the big ones!), going down the stairs (I have old lady hips), really loud noises

Three people that make me laugh: My big sister, the cast of "Who's Line Is It Anyway" (I laugh so hard we have to turn the channel), my first EA Janet (she has a very loud crazy laugh that I imitate)

Three things I love: Horseback riding, swimming, music toys, baseball games (I love to cheer, although Daddy always says there are no cheerleaders in baseball)

Three things I dislike: Anything with rice in it, the Audiologist (take my blood, pull my teeth, but do NOT mess with my ears), when my mom coughs (I have cried every time she coughs since I was a tiny baby - anyone else can cough all they want)

Three things I don't understand: Why everyone in the mall might not want a hug, why people don't want me to take their glasses off their face so I can wear them, why there isn't school all year long.

Three things on the floor: 75 flashcards (or more!), my dad watching baseball in front of the fan, my duck, my spongebob, my babydoll, and my Dora (all lined up to watch me sleep)

Three things I'm doing right now: Right now I'm sleeping, but I'm usually dancing to a music toy, raiding the fridge for a drink, or snuggling up to someone for a hug and a story.

Three things I can't do: go outside and sit on the sidewalk by myself--there are so many people to meet! talk (but I'm really trying!) wake my sister up in the morning.

Three things that best describe my personality: sweet, cuddly, mellow -- and very funny!

Three things you should listen to: Kids Songs on my cd player, my Mom singing the alphabet in a funny voice, the sound of my laughter

Three favorite foods: Oatmeal, chicken, yogurt (and shhh...m&m's)

Three shows I watch on occasion: Dora the Explorer (I just discovered her), Blue's Clues, and anything on the Game Show Network.

And now............................I am tagging Miss Emma Sage!!!


mum2brady said...

Ahhh Paige - great to hear your answers!!!! When you get the talking thing down, can you come teach Brady ;) There's probably a few other things you could teach him too :)

p.s. he thinks people shouldn't wear glasses either - not sure why :)

Camille said...

I know. Knowing Paige also makes her answers awsome. I just love to hear a laugh. She has such a musical, happy, jolly sound. I believe it is unique!!!


Emma also loves glasses!!! (It cost me 2 extra pairs already... I now have tricked her; I wear contacts...

Tammy and Parker said...

Parker has just gotten into the glasses thing. Except after he whips them of my face he likes fling them across the room. Yikes!

Paige is just beautiful.

Nicole said...

So cute! :) As always, both of you. Love ya!