Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tonight's Deep Thoughts

For most of you who know Dakotah, you believe her to be a shy, quiet young lady with relatively good manners.

The truth is, within the confines of her own home, the child started talking at 18 months, and hasn't stopped yet. We know she has a future as something like a used car salesman, where she will talk you into oblivion until you are offering to pay her twice the sticker price just to make it stop, lol.

She is a bright, inquisitive person, who, like most kids her age, thinks she has the wisdom of the ages, and feels the need to impart her wisdom into many conversations between her inexperience, unworldly parents.

A thousand times a day, she will start a sentence with, "I have a question...." and off she'll go. She has even been known to get up in the night to use the bathroom, and think of something uber-important that she must share with me as she drags me out of a sleep-induced coma with, "Mom, guess what..."

We sometimes joke that Paige's first complete sentence will be, "Dakotah, will you please, for the love of all that is good and right, just be quiet for two minutes." I was sitting here composing a blog entry (that probably won't be finished tonight), about eugenics, and advocacy, and my role in helping educate people, she interrupts me with this...

"Mom, I have a question..."

"Yes, Dakotah?"

"Wouldn't it make more sense if we didn't lose our baby teeth until we were old, like 40, (I'm 42, btw). That way, each set of teeth would last about 40 years instead of one set lasting like 7 years, and the other set having to last like 73 years."

"yes, Dakotah, that would make a lot of sense."

"Why don't we lose them like that then?"

So, I launch into what seems like a logical explanation to me --as our jaws grow, we need bigger teeth to chew, etc.

She thinks for a moment, and says, "Still, you could space out brushing your teeth much better my way."

Is there really any more reason to argue with her?!!

This blog entry has been brought to you by every mother who ever uttered the words, "I can't hear myself think."


mum2brady said...

Oh - you're supposed to be able to hear yourself think? Hmmm - that's a interesting concept - I think I might have to mention that to my kiddos one of these days :)

Dakotah is totally and completely charming, just like Miss Paige :) I never in a million years would have had a second thought about baby teeth :) I've got a son right up her alley though - if she's looking for a cute twelve year old (he's a bit on the short side though - but - he is half-Canadian - hee hee)

Camille said...

You don't know how much I'd pay to have Amy ask me: Mom, I have a question... Amy, at 13, is completely independant, or so she thinks. It makes those conversations you and Dakotah have very, very rare.

Annette said...

Too funny Betsy! I have a son like that too... started talking very young and hasn't been quiet since. I can't wait to see what he's like when he's Paige's age! It's great to see a picture of Paige as well - thanks for sharing!
- Annette
PS Can't wait to read your post on eugenics and advocacy!

Nicole said...

hee hee hee. How can you argue with reason? She is too smart! I think Darrah will be a lot like your Dakotah! Again...I'll be calling for advice soon!

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